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Ventana Ranch Community Center and Pool

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Welcome to Ventana Ranch Community Center and Pool, a special place exclusive for residents.  You’ll find a variety of carefully chosen amenities, ensuring there’s something for everyone.  More details about these offerings can be found below.  The Community Center amenities are not available to Ventana Ranch West residents.

Ventana Ranch Community Center and Pool


Ventana Ranch swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Plunge into the refreshing waters of the Ventana Ranch swimming pool, a retreat exclusively for residents. Covering approximately 3,500 square feet, the pool offers ample room for a refreshing swim or a leisurely dip. Additionally, a safe kiddie pool is available, ensuring enjoyable experiences for the little ones.

Learn more about the swimming pool, rules, and hours.

Ventana Ranch tennis court

Tennis Court

Situated just south of the Community Center overlooking the swimming pool is a full-sized tennis court.  This court, featuring a red clay surface, invites tennis enthusiasts to engage in spirited matches.  With its standard dimensions, the court provides ample space for players to showcase their skills and enjoy the game.  The distinct red clay surface offers a unique playing experience, favored by many tennis aficionados.

Ventana Ranch playground


This playground, designed with the young ones in mind, features multiple slides, a chain net ladder for climbing, and a crawling tube. The playground is set on a large wood bark surface, providing a safe and soft landing if one occurs. Children can delight in the various activities offered, enjoying the thrills of sliding, climbing, and exploring in a secure and enjoyable outdoor setting.

Ventana Ranch basketball court

Basketball Court

Designed as a half-size court, basketball enthusiasts can get together for friendly games or to hone their skills.  The round court provides a unique layout, conducive to engaging in community sportsmanship.  Whether for a casual pickup game or structured practice, the basketball court stands as a hub of active recreation, inviting individuals to dribble, shoot, and enjoy the thrills of the game within the welcoming environment.

Ventana Ranch volleyball court

Volleyball Court

Below the expansive canopy of tall trees, lies a welcoming full-sized sand volleyball court.  The court’s sandy surface offers a distinct playing experience, allowing for dives, jumps, and serves in a soft and accommodating arena.  Shaded by the lush greenery above, the volleyball court becomes an inviting space for both competitive matches and friendly gatherings.

Ventana Ranch picnic area

Picnic Area

Conveniently situated between the basketball court and the children’s playground is a tall wood pergola with an accompanying picnic table.  This wooden structure offers a welcomed respite from the sun, providing ample shade for visitors.  The shaded area beneath the pergola is a popular spot for picnics, inviting individuals and families to gather and savor outdoor meals in a comfortable and shaded setting.

Ventana Ranch grassy area

Grassy Areas

There are several open grassy areas waiting to be utilized by our residents.  These green spaces offer ample room for picnics with family and friends, outdoor yoga sessions, friendly frisbee matches, or simply a peaceful spot to read a book.  You can also set up a cozy picnic, have a delightful barbeque gathering, or let children play freely in the open, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Where is the Ventana Ranch Community Center?

From the corner of Rainbow Blvd NW and Paso Del Norte Blvd. NW, head north on Rainbow Blvd. NW to Ventana Village Rd. NW.  Turn west on Ventana Village Rd. NW around to the Community Center.

GPS Coordinates:  35.19387, -106.73788
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